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Dr. Erskine offers her patients a broad range of services, including general checkups, management of gynaecological conditions, help with the menopause, fertility checks, early pregnancy assessments, and sexual health checks. 


Any procedures and operations are performed at The Portland Hospital.


Details of Dr.Erskine's fees can be found here :




Dr. Erskine’s areas of specialist interest are as follows:




This is the management of women who have had an abnormal smear.  If treatment is required, most of her patients undergo a loop treatment under local anaesthetic.


Vulval Disorders


Dr. Erskine established the Vulval Clinic for the Barts and the London and the Homerton with a Professor of Dermatology and has considerable experience in managing all sorts of vulval disorders. 




Dr. Erskine has a particular specialism in the management of massive fibroids, as well as the hysteroscopic management of appropriate fibroids.


The Menopause


Dr. Erskine trained with John Studd, a pioneer in the management of menopausal symptoms, and has had a long-standing interest in this area.

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