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Fees - Gynaecology

Self-paying patients


You will need to pay for all clinic appointments on the day of attendance. Payment can be made by debit card or credit card. Payments can also be made by bank transfer.


Insured patients


Insurance companies are very specific about what they cover, and there can therefore be a shortfall.


You will need to send us your membership number and a valid authorisation prior to your appointment. Patients attending without the appropriate authorisation from their insurance company will be required to pay for the appointment and reclaim from their insurers. Please note for overseas insurers, we ask that you pay for your treatment on the day and claim back from your insurer.


Please note that most insurance companies do not cover routine check-ups, including smears and swabs. Settlement of your account remains the patient’s responsibility in the event of any shortfall.


Breakdown of fees




New patient consultation          £300

Existing patient consultation    £240

Telephone consultation             £200

Telephone review of results      £150

Prescription charge                      £25

Coil fittings


Copper coil fitting                      £100 plus consultation fee

NB: The Portland Hospital will charge for the purchase of the coil and an insertion pack which is approximately £330.



Colposcopy procedure             £160 plus consultation fee

NB: The Portland Hospital will charge an outpatient fee for the colposcopy. For further information, please contact Cath McLaren.


Surgical in-patient procedures


Dr. Erskine is an expert in minimally invasive and open abdominal surgery, which can be performed at The Portland Hospital. For further information regarding fees for inpatient procedures, please contact Cath McLaren.

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