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Your Obstetric Journey

We like to see you at about 7–10 weeks after your last period. Before arranging this first appointment with the obstetrician we usually organise an ultrasound scan to confirm how far your pregnancy has progressed.

After your first appointment with the obstetrician, we will arrange a second scan between 11 and 13 weeks gestation - to check for early signs of any fetal abnormalities such as Downs syndrome - and to perform routine antenatal booking blood tests. The results will be discussed with you at your second appointment with the obstetrician.

Usually your next ultrasound scan - an anomaly scan - will be performed at 20-22 weeks of pregnancy. Around 32 weeks gestation we routinely organise a growth scan. Other tests, such as amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling and more detailed scans, will be arranged as required.

Appointments with your obstetrician are booked at four weekly intervals up to week 28.

From week 28 you will be asked to come every fortnight and from week 36 you will be seen weekly until delivery.We advise the administration of the whooping cough vaccine any time after 28 - 38 weeks.

The Flu Jab is also recommended in pregnancy and should be arranged through your general practitioner.

At each consultation you will be examined by your obstetrician, your blood pressure will be measured, your urine will be tested, and you will be weighed.

Routine blood tests include:

> Blood group

> Full Blood count

> Glucose

> Hepatitis B and C

> Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV/AIDS)

> Rubella (“German measles”)

> Syphilis

> Toxoplasma

> Varicella zoster (Chicken pox)

> Haemoglobinopathy screen

> (sickle cell disease and thalasemia)


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